Transport and Communication

Air Connectivity

The nearest Airport is the Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi Aerodrome at Guwahati. A new Airport is proposed at Rowmari in Chirang District in private sector. Usually VIP Helicopters land at Bongaigaon Refinery field (Lng: 90o35 min E and Lat: 26o30 min N), Dhaligaon (Lng: 90o31 min 18 Sec E and Lat: 26o30 min 4 sec N), Basugaon (Lng: 90o29 min 24 Sec E and Lat: 26o27 min 38 Sec N) Nangalbhanga (Lng: 90o31 min 45 Sec E and Lat: 26o39 min 19 Sec N)

Rail Connectivity

B.G railway lines connect Chirang with the rest of the state as well with other states of Eastern India. Bijni and Basugaon are railway stations within the district. Besides, New Bongaigaon railway junction is about 12 km away from the district headquarter i.e. Kajalgaon.


Almost all telephone networks are available in the district such as: BSNL, AirTel, Vodafone, Indicom, Idea and sTel .

Four-Lanning of NH-31C

The length of 4-lanning of NH-31 is 23.671 km. out of this 0.958 m are for the bridges and culverts, so 22.713 km are to be upgraded to 4-lane. Out of this 15 km were already completed, two lanning is complete for 1 km. Gayathri Construction has assured to complete the 4-lanning within 31 st December 2011. Out of 43 Culverts, 39 were completed and 4 are under construction. There a re 20 bridges out of which six bridges were already completed and 14 are under construction.