Various Departments of Chirang District

Agriculture Department

The main source of economy of the district is agriculture. Soil is fertile and suitable for cultivation of various crops. More than 70% of the population is directly involved in agriculture as their livelihood. Rice is the major crop of the district which takes up 62% and 38% of cropped area during Kharif and Rabi seasons respectively. Other important crops of the district are wheat, grape & mustard, jute, black gram, sesame, sugarcane, Rabi and Kharif vegetables, potato, ginger, turmeric, coconut, areca nut, pineapple, banana, citrus, black pepper, jackfruit, lemon, etc. Sericulture also plays an important role as the subsidiary income source in the off-agricultural season. Climatic conditions are favourable for cultivation of crops like endi, muga and mulberry for silk worm rearing. The department of Agriculture looks after the implementation of various schemes undertaken by the Govt. These schemes have provided a boost to the modernization and development of agriculture in the district to a large extent. (For details goto reports


  1. Bongaigaon Refinery (IOCL), Dhaligaon
  2. Carbon/Coke Factory, Kajalgaon
  3. A new Iron manufacturing Unit is coming up in the district
  4. A Cold storage Unit is also under operation in the district
  5. Gas manufacturing Unit, Dhaligaon
  6. Champamathi Hayen Mini Hydro-Electric Prower project

Education Department

Office of the District Elementary Education Officer

Under the District Elementary Education Department, Financial Assistance is provided to various schools by both the Govt. of Assam and BTC, Midday Meal Scheme (MDM) is implemented, and scholarships are granted to students. (For details goto reports)

Under Sarva Siksha Abhijan, a flagship programme of the central Govt., the MDM Scheme has been launched with the purpose of providing cooked meals to students in rural schools all over the country. This noble initiative has achieved huge success in the state and Chirang district is no exception. (For details goto reports)

Office of the Inspector of Schools

The Office of the Inspector of Schools looks after the provision of Financial Assistance, non-recurring building grants, non-recurring grants for drinking water facility to secondary schools, and distribution of laptops to First Division holders in HSLC/ AHM Examination. In addition to these the BTC provides incentives to rank holders and their schools in the form of financial grants. (For details goto reports)

Department of Health

The following development schemes have been undertaken by the office of the Jt. Director of Health Services, Chirang for the year 2010-11:

  1. Ante-natal Care (ANC)
  2. Mamoni
  3. Village Health Nutrition Day
  4. Routine Immunization
  5. Institutional Delivery
  6. Evening OPD
  7. Majoni
  8. Construction of four-beded Ward
  9. Construction of Labour Room
  10. Upgradation of CHC to IPHS
  11. Construction of Stabilization Unit
  12. Construction of Maternity Wards
  13. Construction of sub-centre
  14. Construction of Labour Room cum Ward
  15. Construction of new PHC
  16. Construction of Rural Health Block Pooling
  17. Construction of Doctors? and Nurses? Quarters
  18. Construction of new CHC (Model Hospital)
  19. Construction of 10-beded Ward
  20. Chief Minister?s Anna Suraksha Yojana LLIN Net
  21. Blindness Programme

DRDA (District Rural Development Agency)

Under the initiative of the DRDA, a Growth Centre (Extension Centre) SIRD, Kajalgaon was inaugurated and started functioning from 12th Dec, 2008 with a view to extend the services of SIRD, Assam to Kokrajhar and Chirang districts. Concerted efforts have been made by the Centre for organizing various training programmes and implementation of some self-employment programmes sponsored by the Govt. of Assam.

The DRDA also looks after such programmes as MGNREGA, IAY, and SGSY. A number of training programmes have also been conducted under MGNREGA and Backward Region Grant Fund (BRGF). Other programmes looked after by the DRDA include Chief Minister?s Jeevan Swaniyojan Yojana, Cluster Development Project for SHGs, Chief Minister?s Special Scheme for cash assistance to rural artisans/ marginal entrepreneurs, Chief minister?s Special Scheme for providing GCI sheet and cash assistance to rural poor.(For detailsgoto reports)

District Social Welfare Office

The office of the District Social Welfare Officer looks after the implementation of various welfare schemes for the socially and economically backward sections of people. The various schemes under BTC include:

  1. Rehabilitation Grants to physically handicapped persons at Rs. 20,000 per beneficiary
  2. Scholarship to physically handicapped students (M&H) school at Rs. 3000 per beneficiary
  3. Rehabilitation Grants to helpless widows under BPL
  4. Rehabilitation Grants to unemployed women trained in knitting & embroidery and cutting & tailoring.

The various schemes under the Govt. of Assam include:

  1. Mukhya Mantrir Jibon Jyoti Bima Achoni
  2. Mukhya Mantrir Mahila Samridhi Achoni
  3. Scheme for welfare and empowerment of unmarried and single unemployed women and widows
  4. Financial assistance to girls belonging to BPL/economically backward families who marry after attaining 20 years
  5. Aam Admi Bima Yojna
  6. Scheme for welfare of contractors? labour.

(For detailsgoto reports)

F & C S (Food and Civil Supplies Department)


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It is the primary function of the FCS & CA department to maintain strict vigilance so as to control price rise. In this connection, one Inspector of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs is deputed for checking the price rise and monitoring the same. In addition to this the F & CS department takes step for maintaining adequate stock of food/petrolium products in the district. The Gas plant of IOCL, provides cooking gas not only to Chirang district but to all the districts of Lower Assam, and at the time of scarcity it supplies gas cylinders to Guwahati/Silchar/Sonitpur, etc.,
Open Market Price position of essential commodities under Chirang sadar sub-division, Kajalgaon as on 19-01-2011:

Sl. No. Name of commodity Wholesale Price (in Rs.) Retail Price (in Rs.)
1. Atta 1685 per Qtl. 18 per kg.
2. Maida 1755 per Qtl. 20 per kg.
3. Mustard Oil (Helicopter) 1190 per tin 75 per ltr.
4. Sugar 3200-3250 per Qtl. 34-35 per kg.
5. Masur Dal (small) 5100 per Qtl. 55 per kg.
6. Masur Dal (big) 4100 per Qtl. 45 per kg.
7. Arahar Dal 5100 per Qtl. 55 per kg.
8. Moong Dal 6100 per Qtl. 65 per kg.
9. Salt (iodised) 520 per Qtl. 8 per kg.
10. Suji 1765 per Qtl. 20 per kg.
11. Rice(mota) 1400 per Qtl. 15 per kg.
12. Rice (Lahi/ Aijong) 1600 per Qtl. 17-20 per kg.
13. Onion 4000 per Qtl. 45-50 per kg.
14. Potato (local) 500 per Qtl. 6 per kg.

Fishery Department

Fishery is a transferred subject in Chirang district looked after by BTC. The Office of the District Fishery Development Officer is responsible for various developmental schemes such as development of existing tank, development of low-lying area converted to community tank, construction of new tank, creation of nursery pond and creation of rearing pond. In addition to these, they are providing training to the entreprenuers in Pisci culture. For detailsgoto reports)

Transport Department

The total no. of vehicles registered in Chirang district as on 18-04-11 is given below:

  1. Transport Vehicle : 1210
  2. Non-transport Vehicle : 5398
  3. Govt. Vehicle : 13

PWD (Public Works Department)

Chirang Roads and Buildings Division
PWD is also a transferred subject in Chirang looked after by BTC. Such works as construction of village road, BOP road under BADP (SCA) have been undertaken.
Under NABARD, construction of RCC Bridge, widening and strengthening of border road have been undertaken. Under ACA also, construction of road has been undertaken. Under the 12th Finance Commission, work has been completed on repair/renovation of office of the Circle Officer at Bengtol in Chirang district, repair/renovation of office of the DC?s Office building at Kajalgaon in Chirang district, repair/renovation of office of the Circle Officer at Sidli in Chirang district, repair/renovation of the District Centre building at Kajalgaon in Chirang district, BTC Assam, repair/renovation of PWD I.B at Bijni, upgradation (repair/renovation) of office of the Deputy Inspector of Schools at Bijni. Under GAD, construction of ADC?s Quarter 1 unit at Kajalgaon in Chirang district has been completed. Work is in progress on construction of approved road CC pavement and Grade IV Quarter-2 units, sentry post-2 nos., sanitary latrine & urinal, garage for vehicle of DC?s Office in Chirang district. But construction of EAC?s Quarter-2 units at Kajalgaon in Chirang district and Circuit House is not complete due to incapability of the contractors. Under PMGSY 2008-09, there are 19 nos. of packages which covers a total 99.54 km length of road out of which work on 10 km length of road has been completed while work on 89.54 km length of road is in progress. (For details (goto reports)


Kokrajhar Division No.II
PHE is another transferred subject under BTC. The department looks after such developmental schemes as installation of Spot Source like RB M-III, Ring Well, Tara Hand Pump; installation of PWSS; installation of Town WSS. (For details goto reports)

Handloom & Textiles

Under the Chief Minister?s Assam Bikash Yojana, the Handloom & Textiles Department undertakes such work as distribution of yarn and blankets to BPL beneficiaries per LAC under Chirang district.
(For details goto reports))


Chirang district is famous for Games and Sports.The boys and girls have participated in inter-district, inter-state, National and international events and carries laurels to the state. Since 2006, several programmes have been successfully organized by the office of the District Sports Officer, Chirang which are highlighted below:


  1. North East Sports Festival
  2. Coaching Camp for kho-kho & kabaddi
  3. Inter-district Basketball Championship
  4. Summer School Tournament
  5. All Assam Deokon Memorial Inter- District Football Championship
  6. All Assam Pilik Choudhury Inter-District Football Championship
  7. Dhyan Chand Sports Day
  8. Coaching Camp for athletic, kho-kho and kabaddi
  9. All Assam Boxing Coaching Camp, All Assam Boxing Championship?06
  10. Coaching Camp for kabaddi
  11. R.G. Baruah Sports Day
  12. Sidli Block Level Rural Sports Meet
  13. District Level Rural Sports Meet


  1. Summer School Tournament
  2. District Rural Sports Tournament


  1. Inter Zonal Summer School Tournament
  2. Coaching Camp for Volleyball


  1. Coaching Camps for Archery
  2. Football, Volleyball & Boxing
  3. Summer School Tournament
  4. Rural Sports Tournament


  1. North East Games
  2. Coaching Camp for Football
  3. Zonal School Tournament
  4. School Tournament
  5. Inter School Sports Competition

Cultural Affairs

Under the Chief Minister?s Special Programme, musical instruments have been distributed in Chirang district LAC wise. A total of fifty (50) instruments have been earmarked each for the two (2) LACs in the district namely

  1. 31 Sidli LAC
  2. 33 Bijni LAC

The allotment of instruments is based on four (4) categories viz., Satriya, Classical, Folk & Modern.

There are two (2) main Development Blocks in Chirang district namely

  1. Borobazar Dev. Block and
  2. Sidli-Chirang Dev. Block.

About 67 km length of the district falls along the Indo-Bhutan international border out of which 25 km stretch falls under Borobazar Dev. Block while 42 km stretch falls under Sidli-Chirang Dev. Block. There are five (5) Forest Villages under Borobazar Dev. Block and twelve (12) Forest Villages under Sidli Dev. Block.

The status of occupation/ encroachment/ eviction of Reserved Forest in the district is shown below:

  1. About 4370 ha of area in Manas Part I Reserved Forest (R.F) under Amteka Range has been occupied under reserve proposal during 1971
  2. About 1100 ha of area in Kuklung R.F under Kuklung Range is encroached from 1993
  3. The last eviction took place in 2010
  4. About 4560 ha of area in Manas Part II R.F under Runikhata Range has been encroached during 1996-2000
  5. About 364 ha of area in Bengtol R.F has been encroached during 1996-2000
  6. About 30 ha of area in Digdari Reserve Forest has been encroached since 1980.