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Assembly Elections-2013

In respect of Assembly elections, there are two (2) nos. of LAC which fall under Chirang district which are

31 Sidli LAC,
33 Bijni LAC

There are 441 nos. of Polling Station in the district for Assembly Elections.

BTC Elections

As regards BTC elections, there are three (3) no. of constituencies which fall under Kajalgaon Sadar Sub-division namely:

13 Chirang (ST) BTCC,
14 Chirang Duars (ST) BTCC
15 Kajalgaon (ST) BTCC.

So far, BTC elections have been conducted thrice in the district in 2005,2010& 2014. There are 226 nos. of polling station in the district for BTC elections. Apart from this, the sub-divisional administration, Bijni conducts elections to the following BTC Constituencies:

16 Nichima (ST)
17 Subhaijhar (ST)
18 Manas Serfang (ST)
19 Thuribari (open)